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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Multilingual Library Websites

After reading Leah's post where she addressed the lack of dual language library websites, I went and checked my old library's website to see how they are doing. I am originally from Elgin, Illinois and was served by, and worked for, the Gail Borden Public Library District. The reason I checked Gail Borden's site is because Elgin's population is about 40 percent Hispanic. In fact, while I worked there I was in the process of mastering the art of library Spanish...oh yeah...I could register both English and Spanish speakers for a library card in mere minutes! Unfortunately, in the nearly four years since I worked at Gail Borden, I have lost much of my Spanish-speaking ability. My desire to relearn Spanish aside, here is what I found at the GBPL website:

Included in the main menu at the top of GBPL's homepage, among "Library Catalog", "Electronic Resources", etc., is a link to the library's "Informacion en Espanol". While there is general library information, there is also quite a bit of technological information for Spanish speakers. One section, "Centro de Computacion", links to information about the library's computer center's services and regulations. Another section, "Introduccion a la Internet", explains internet basics such as what the internet and Netscape are and what a URL is. This section also includes a Glossary ("Glosario") and a Webography ("Webografia"). The webografia area gives links to a couple of sites that teach basic internet use in Spanish. The last technological section is "
Fuentes de la Internet en Espanol". This section gives links to useful websites in Spanish, such as news sites and online dictionaries.

I was impressed by the attention given to the Spanish speaking community in Elgin on the Gail Borden Public Library's website. While an entirely dual-language website is ideal in a community such as Elgin, I feel that this is a great start and a good model for many library websites with no multilingual online services.


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