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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Check Out This LIS Blog

I'm not sure if we mentioned this one in LIS 753, but I searched Blogspot for librarian blogs and found LISNews. LISNews gives this description of the blog:

"LISNews is a collaborative weblog [aka blog] devoted to current events and news in the world of Library and Information Science. A dedicated team of international bloggers scour the World Wide Web to find stories they find interesting. You'll find links to news stories and Web sites, along with original writing, interviews and reviews. LISNews is updated frequently, usually 7 days a week. We are a non-commercial site, supported by our users." (From About LISNews)

This blog is really fun to look through. Here are some highlights:
  • Did you know that in the top 1,000 titles owned by OCLC libraries list, Garfield at Large beat out Tom Sawyer at number fifteen? I sure didn't! (The Bible is number one).
  • Ward Cunningham, the creator of the Wiki, stresses the importance of Open Source materials...librarians must stay on top of this.
  • Why aren't libraries mentioned in this Blog News Channel article about what helps kids with their homework more: Yahoo or Google search engines?
Like the title says, check out this LIS Blog!


Blogger Nathan Weinberg said...

Because kids are lazy?


I wrote that article, and I know what you mean. So many kids now just assume what they need is on the internet, when often, they could find the answers faster from a library, and if they couldn't, the librarian could find it on Google faster than they could.

2:40 PM  

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